Recent Works

Rashmika LIMS

Rashmika Systems Lab Services infuses intelligence into how global information technology works. We help drive down costs by designing flexible infrastructures and better manage risk with advanced technical skills and our experience.

Rashmika HMS

Focus on accountability, quality outcomes and affordability have led to structural changes in the Healthcare industry.Rashmika helps you evolve your models, so you can take your place in an integrated Healthcare ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we work across the value chain - from Health and Human Services (HHS) to care delivery, distribution and pharmacy benefit management (PBM)

Rashmika Incident

Rashmika Incident Management streamlines the process of restoring service following an unplanned disruption. Incident Management allows IT to capture incidents through a self-service portal, chat, email, phone, and incoming events and prioritize them based on agreed service level targets.

Rashmika Survey

Rashmika survey takes intelligence regarding opinions, trends, and competitors Gauge interest in new products and service offerings Test a new product concept Get actionable feedback at an affordable price.

Rashmika Telematics

Telematics is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications.Rashmika introduced telematics solutions see real-time locations, speed,of your cars/vehicles by tracking

Rashmika Insurance

Insurers must improve customer service with seamless, multi-channel communications, billing and sales tools To improve performance and ensure compliance, insurers need effective, transparent analytics.Rashmika Infotechnologies provide the modern, rules-driven flexibility insurers need to transform the way they do business

Rashmika Logistics

Logistics management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient.Rashmika understand logistics, as a highly complex process that demands the ongoing perfection of quick and flexible processes, a highly qualified team of staff and a continuous optimisation of systems that provide a stream of accurate and timely information. All this with the objective of helping you to make strategic decisions best suited to the changes in your highly competitive surroundings

Rashmika Education

Rashmika Education solution helps improving outcomes is front of mind for colleges and universities worldwide. With solutions designed for the modern campus, you can deliver the personalised experience students expect, foster excellence in operations and help your students reach their academic goals.